Staying Organized with Taylor’s Art Supplies

Taylor has a sudden interest for arts and crafts.  I’m just a little bit excited about this.  🙂

I like keeping all of Taylor’s coloring books, art paper, and colors together.  I recently found an idea I love on Pinterest… surprised?!?  🙂

She took a dishrack and created an organization system for coloring books and such.  I thought that was such a cute idea, but it still looked like a dishrack to me.  I decided to put my personal touch to it and look at what I made.

I know the pictures are a little dark but I made this after Taylor Tot went to sleep.  I can’t wait to see her face in the morning when she checks out her craft table.  🙂

This was a super easy and cheap way to stay organized. 


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My newest creation… Fall Wreath

Loving Pinterest and loving my week off. Today I made my fall wreath.

Letter I got from Hobby Lobby. 50% off this week making the total $5; Fake fall leaves; and spray adhesive (later in the project I found out that hot glue was much quicker and less sticky. Whole project took 30 minutes and that was with me digging around trying to find the glue gun. Quick, easy, and cheap project. What do ya think?


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Taylor saying her prayers

The last few days Taylor has been wanting to say her good-night prayers by herself.  It’s really hard to hear her.  I’ll have to retake another video, but her sweet voice is so precious saying her prayers.  🙂

Sweet Dreams!

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My First Pinterest

Several friends have told me about Pinterest for the last year.  Just recently a friend was telling me of some super cute crafts she was doing for her home and I had to check it out.  WOW!  We’re have I been?!?

Anyways, I was up until way-too-late last night looking around.  I found a whole shindig of crafts I’m dyeing to try. 

Here is the first.  🙂

Canvas is on sell this week at Michaels for 60% off.  I made 3 of these: one for us and one for each set of Taylor’s grandparents.  After buying the canvas (3), ribbon (black and white polka dot/ and orange), paint (black and white), a paint brush, and super glue it came to $10 but I did have a 40% off coupon (I think it was applied to the super glue because everything else was on sale).

Taylor loved helping me.  She had fun getting her foot painted.  This craft was super easy and a lot of fun!  I can’t wait to do more crafts!  I LoVe pinterest!!!!!

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Labor Day 2011

For Labor Day this year we went to my parents lake house at Lake Oconee.  We had so much fun swimming, riding in the boat, laying out on the beach, and staying up playing cards.  However, after looking at all the pictures it looks like all we did was make sandcastles.  Taylor’s absolute favorite. 

 Taylor driving the boat with Pop.  She loved honking the horn and going real fast.

 Taylor and Mommy on the beach.

Putting feet in the sand.

I was wanting her to look at the camera and smile.  This is the look I got.  HAHA!  Is this the look I’ll be getting in 14 years?

Playing in the sand.

Making sandcastles on her bug towel.  She didn’t want to get her bottom sandy.  Haha!

Making sandcastles with new friend Cassie.

Daddy showing Taylor how to get the perfect sand for a sandcastle. 

Decorating the castle with Gammie.

Off to get more water.

Can’t stay still enough for a good picture.

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Taylor Tot’s TWO

Last Saturday we celebrated Taylor’s 2nd birthday.  Actually the birthday celebrating started Friday with her school friends.  Here are the special treat I made for Tay’s class.  Super easy. 

Special Rice Crispy Treat Pops

~Cut up Rice Crispy Treats into squares

~Stick a popsicle stick into each one

~Dip the tip into white chocolate/ then roll in sprinkles

~Place in fridge for a few hours


I tied ladybug ribbon to each one.  Taylor’s teacher said it was a huge hit.  I think Taylor loved it.  🙂

 Before Taylor’s birthday I was wondering if she would grasp the fact it was her birthday.  Boy I was wrong.  I talked up her birthday a few days before and told her she gets to wear her party hat on her birthday.  When I put her birthday dress on her for school she was rather upset that she couldn’t wear her party hat.  So, Saturday morning through the monitor I could hear her calling for her hat.  I think she wore it from 7:30 that morning until 8:00 that night!

Here are some of the highlights of Tay’s special day!

Picking out her Bitty Baby at The American Doll store.  Thank you Gammie and Pop!

Taking a baby off for a stroll through the store

 Just love the tongue

 In awww!

 Mommy and The Birthday Girl

 Gammie and Taylor (who would rather play then stop for a pic)

 She finally pick her baby.  We named her Lucy.  Love at first sight.

 Waiting for the cashier to ring up her new baby doll. 

 Gammie and Taylor

 Stopped at the carousel and of course she picked the frog

 Apparently the food court is too noisy for Baby Lucy to sleep.  Shhhhhh!

 Took this birthday girl to her favorite place.  Monkey Joes with the Grands.  I think she jumped the entire time.

 Rode the saddle at Texas Roadhouse and got a big Yeehaw!

 Mommy, Daddy, and Taylor with her strawberry cake I made.

 She blew out the candles all by herself.

 I guess this girl knows how to relax on her special day.  Haha!

 Taylor got a trampoline from Mommy and Daddy.  It sings and counts.  She’s been hopping ever since.

 Feeding cake to Lucy in her new high chair from Nanny.

 Since Lucy wasn’t eating the cake Tay decided not to waste it.

 A backpack to hold baby and her things.

 A cute buggy flashlight and “woof woof” puppet from her Aunt Denise

 And she off again….

 Putting her baby nite nite in the crib Gran and Papa gave her.  And yes she is putting her baby’s hands together to pray.  It was supper cute hearing her say her prayers with her baby. 

The silly Grands with the birthday girl.  What a special day!

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Who needs toys?!?

Taylor’s favorite things to play with right now are things you can’t find at Toys-R-Us.  She loves empty toilet paper rolls and turns them into a horn while parading through the house saying toot-toot.  She loves laundry baskets and makes them her boat.  She was not happy with me the other day when I told her she had to leave her fairy wand (aka a lent brush) in the car and not take it into the store.  The newest “toy” is a 8 pack roll of paper towels.  She has spent the last 3 days playing like it’s her horse.  If I go into another room she drags it to where I’m at and says “Mommy watch” then yells “giddy up” as she rides the paper towels.

Taylor Tot’s 2nd birthday is less than a week away.  I think I’m just going to get her a big box.

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