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Doctor Taylor

For months now Taylor’s FAVORITE thing to play is doctor. To the point that she has 3 doctor kits. She can easily spend hours doctoring her dolls, stuff animals, the kitty (Misty doesn’t like it too much), or anyone who enters the house.

Over the weekend Taylor developed a cough. She doesn’t cough very often but when she does she turns purple in the face and can’t breathe ~scary~. So today I took Taylor to the doctor. I really think Taylor has to be the only kid that LOVES the doctor. As I loaded her up in the car she asked where we were going. You would have thought I told her we were going to Disney World. She beamed the whole trip there. You would not have thought Taylor was sick in the least bit as she skipped her way in the doctor’s office holding my hand. I was kind of embarrassed when the nurse behind the counter asked, “sick visit?”

When we got into the room Taylor was thrilled. The doctor came in and started his examination. Taylor had all sorts of questions for him. After several test, the doctor diagnosed Taylor with mild asthma. He said Taylor will need an inhaler at times she is sick and has a bad cough. He wanted to do a breathing treatment first in the room before sending us on our way. He prepared me first with how kids hate the breathing treatment. Taylor had to have the mask on for 8 minutes. Worried I gathered a pile of books. When the nurse came in she put the mask on Taylor’s face and started the machine talking to Taylor through the steps. Not only did my child LOVE the breathing treatment, she frightened me. She smiled from ear to ear. She also placed both hands on the mask, so we wouldn’t take it off, and breathed in as hard as she could to get every breath. The nurse was laughing so hard she called the doctor in to see too. When the treatment was finished she wouldn’t let us take the mask off. So the doctor went over the at home inhaler with me as Taylor continue to wear the mask (not turned on). As we left Taylor cried reaching out to the doctor and wanting to stay. I think I’m the only mom dragging my crying child OUT of the doctor’s office. As we were almost to the door the doctor chased after us and handed Taylor the mask for her to take home since she wanted it so badly. Yes, me very embarrassed as we walked all the way to the pharmacy and then to the car with Taylor wearing the mask with this big long tubing trailing behind her. Weird kid.


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