What I woke up to…

Background: Last night I went to my friend Robin’s house for her 4th Annual Miss America Party. Always a blast with tiaras, Nurf air guns, high calorie food, and lots of laughs. Anyways, it meant I wasn’t in bed at my usual bed time of 9:30 but crept into bed after 2:00. I so didn’t get my much needed beauty sleep as Taylor decided this morning to wake up before the little birdies. I guess I was so out of it that Devin went and got her out of her crib (yes, she is still in a crib and will be until she is in kindergarten) and brought her downstairs to our room. All I know is I feel this tap… tap… tap… *in Taylor’s sweet loud whisper while right in my face* “You up Mommy?” I groan and roll over. Then I hear the petter patter as she leaves the room. Next thing I know I have a small toy tea-cup shoved in my mouth as Tay is yelling “I made you some coffee Mommy.” Then she showered me with kisses and told me she loves me. I might have bags under my eyes today and not all with it but I couldn’t resist this face.


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  1. Aunt Jo

    Well, who COULD resist that face. Precious little Taylor…what a gift! You are truly blessed…..xxoox

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