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What I woke up to…

Background: Last night I went to my friend Robin’s house for her 4th Annual Miss America Party. Always a blast with tiaras, Nurf air guns, high calorie food, and lots of laughs. Anyways, it meant I wasn’t in bed at my usual bed time of 9:30 but crept into bed after 2:00. I so didn’t get my much needed beauty sleep as Taylor decided this morning to wake up before the little birdies. I guess I was so out of it that Devin went and got her out of her crib (yes, she is still in a crib and will be until she is in kindergarten) and brought her downstairs to our room. All I know is I feel this tap… tap… tap… *in Taylor’s sweet loud whisper while right in my face* “You up Mommy?” I groan and roll over. Then I hear the petter patter as she leaves the room. Next thing I know I have a small toy tea-cup shoved in my mouth as Tay is yelling “I made you some coffee Mommy.” Then she showered me with kisses and told me she loves me. I might have bags under my eyes today and not all with it but I couldn’t resist this face.


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The last four months in pictures

My New Years resolution last year was to document Taylor and our family through blogging. Well… I guess I made it to September. Hopefully I can keep up this year. Thinking all the way back to September…. wow!… there is so much to post.

Fall 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

(Saving this to show her first boyfriend)

Christmas 2011

New Year 2012

(So far in January)

 I can’t wait to see what wonderful memories 2012 is going to bring.  🙂

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