My First Pinterest

Several friends have told me about Pinterest for the last year.  Just recently a friend was telling me of some super cute crafts she was doing for her home and I had to check it out.  WOW!  We’re have I been?!?

Anyways, I was up until way-too-late last night looking around.  I found a whole shindig of crafts I’m dyeing to try. 

Here is the first.  🙂

Canvas is on sell this week at Michaels for 60% off.  I made 3 of these: one for us and one for each set of Taylor’s grandparents.  After buying the canvas (3), ribbon (black and white polka dot/ and orange), paint (black and white), a paint brush, and super glue it came to $10 but I did have a 40% off coupon (I think it was applied to the super glue because everything else was on sale).

Taylor loved helping me.  She had fun getting her foot painted.  This craft was super easy and a lot of fun!  I can’t wait to do more crafts!  I LoVe pinterest!!!!!


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