Labor Day 2011

For Labor Day this year we went to my parents lake house at Lake Oconee.  We had so much fun swimming, riding in the boat, laying out on the beach, and staying up playing cards.  However, after looking at all the pictures it looks like all we did was make sandcastles.  Taylor’s absolute favorite. 

 Taylor driving the boat with Pop.  She loved honking the horn and going real fast.

 Taylor and Mommy on the beach.

Putting feet in the sand.

I was wanting her to look at the camera and smile.  This is the look I got.  HAHA!  Is this the look I’ll be getting in 14 years?

Playing in the sand.

Making sandcastles on her bug towel.  She didn’t want to get her bottom sandy.  Haha!

Making sandcastles with new friend Cassie.

Daddy showing Taylor how to get the perfect sand for a sandcastle. 

Decorating the castle with Gammie.

Off to get more water.

Can’t stay still enough for a good picture.


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