Who needs toys?!?

Taylor’s favorite things to play with right now are things you can’t find at Toys-R-Us.  She loves empty toilet paper rolls and turns them into a horn while parading through the house saying toot-toot.  She loves laundry baskets and makes them her boat.  She was not happy with me the other day when I told her she had to leave her fairy wand (aka a lent brush) in the car and not take it into the store.  The newest “toy” is a 8 pack roll of paper towels.  She has spent the last 3 days playing like it’s her horse.  If I go into another room she drags it to where I’m at and says “Mommy watch” then yells “giddy up” as she rides the paper towels.

Taylor Tot’s 2nd birthday is less than a week away.  I think I’m just going to get her a big box.


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