Imagine It

Last week Devin and I took Taylor to the Imagine It Museum in Atlanta.  It was our first time going.  We had a blast.  There was SO much to do.  Here are just a few of the “exhibits” there.  I forgot to take pictures of the sports exhibit (loads of fun),  the sand exhibit, and a few others.  We were there for a few hours but could have easily spend the whole day.  We will defiantly come back.  🙂

Tay with “Moo Moo” at the farm

“Hi Moo Moo”

Cooking lunch in the play kitchen

Going down the slide

Going fishing with Daddy

Taylor catching a fish

The Choo Choo train that was on the ceiling

Playing music

Painting a picture

Washing up after painting.  Mommy: “Taylor, did you try to eat the paint?”  Taylor: “Nooooo :)”

Taylor driving Mommy in the truck

Taylor driving the tractor

Playing with the HUGE ball machine

Playing from inside the car/ train table

Picking flowers from the garden

Playing with the gadget magnets with Daddy

Taylor Tot the architect building a sky scraper

To finish off the perfect day we went to The Varsity for a yummy lunch!


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  1. Aunt Jo

    What a fun place for taking children! Just watching the excitement in a child’s eyes is worth it all. Glad you had a fabulous family day!..xxoox

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