The Day I Flew

It happened like this…

We decided to go to Monkey Joe’s today.  Taylor was so excited.  One of her favorite things is to go down this huge slide.  Which if you know Taylor she hates any slide.  She’s scared of everything.  I’m always encouraging her to go down slides, so when she begged me to go down the one at Monkey Joe’s with her today of course I said yes.  I have gone down this slide probably 4 or 5 times in the past so today I felt it wouldn’t be any different.  Boy I was wrong.  Devin was skeptical about going down with Taylor so almighty me told him to watch how it’s done.  I don’t know if it was my pants or someone oiled up the slide before I went down it but I flew.

Of course with every embarrassing moment someone is filming.  Devin has laughed all day about it.  I flew so far that I glided past the stopper bump and didn’t even make it on the “protective” mat.  I almost took down a group of kids.  Devin said we looked like we were shot out of a cannon.  Haha, honey, your turn is coming.

If you see me sitting on a donuts cushion for the next month this is why.  I really think I bruised my butt.  At least it’s a good laugh.  Haha!


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