A day in Acworth

Devin has the week off and instead of going to the beach, like we originally planned, we decided to have a “staycation”. So glad we did. We have an adventure planned each day. Today we went to my absolute favorite restaurant, Henry’s Louisiana Grill in Acworth. LoVe! The waitress asked us if we wanted to hear the special of the day. We laughed and told her not to waste her breath. We order the same thing every time. 🙂

Crawfish (even Tay liked it)

Devin got the Ooh La La (Feature in the Atlanta Journal and ABC Nightline). His favorite!

I got the Bayou Cakes with spicy cheese grits. Yum Yum!

I love that I have leftovers for tomorrow night. 🙂

Afterwards we saw a choo-choo train that Taylor loved and talked about it the whole way home.

We found a new fear of hers~ heights. This picture cracks me up! I swear if she could, she would of call DEFAX. What I do for a pic. Haha!

After physiologically damaging my daughter the choo- choo train we went to the Acworth beach. Taylor Tot wasn’t a fan of the sand but loved to people watch. If I ever become bored one day I know where to come. Entertainment for hours.

Tay’s permanent spot on the beach~ on the towel

Tay saying “cheese”

Mommy and Taylor

Daddy and Taylor

I think for Tay’s birthday she’s asking for a cell phone to call DEFAX on us. The second time within an hour that we made Taylor do something she didn’t want to for a picture. She did not like her feet touching the sand.

Taylor Tot wanting the sand off her feet ASAP.


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