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Who needs toys?!?

Taylor’s favorite things to play with right now are things you can’t find at Toys-R-Us.  She loves empty toilet paper rolls and turns them into a horn while parading through the house saying toot-toot.  She loves laundry baskets and makes them her boat.  She was not happy with me the other day when I told her she had to leave her fairy wand (aka a lent brush) in the car and not take it into the store.  The newest “toy” is a 8 pack roll of paper towels.  She has spent the last 3 days playing like it’s her horse.  If I go into another room she drags it to where I’m at and says “Mommy watch” then yells “giddy up” as she rides the paper towels.

Taylor Tot’s 2nd birthday is less than a week away.  I think I’m just going to get her a big box.


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Snow boots in July

Taylor’s cousins were in town last week. Hadley brought her a bag of outgrown shoes. Out of all the shoes to pick from she wants to wear the light up princess snow boots EVERYWHERE. She was so proud picking out her clothes today. Her birthday party dress and snow boots. Boy we got some great looks while shopping this afternoon. 🙂 Haha!

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Imagine It

Last week Devin and I took Taylor to the Imagine It Museum in Atlanta.  It was our first time going.  We had a blast.  There was SO much to do.  Here are just a few of the “exhibits” there.  I forgot to take pictures of the sports exhibit (loads of fun),  the sand exhibit, and a few others.  We were there for a few hours but could have easily spend the whole day.  We will defiantly come back.  🙂

Tay with “Moo Moo” at the farm

“Hi Moo Moo”

Cooking lunch in the play kitchen

Going down the slide

Going fishing with Daddy

Taylor catching a fish

The Choo Choo train that was on the ceiling

Playing music

Painting a picture

Washing up after painting.  Mommy: “Taylor, did you try to eat the paint?”  Taylor: “Nooooo :)”

Taylor driving Mommy in the truck

Taylor driving the tractor

Playing with the HUGE ball machine

Playing from inside the car/ train table

Picking flowers from the garden

Playing with the gadget magnets with Daddy

Taylor Tot the architect building a sky scraper

To finish off the perfect day we went to The Varsity for a yummy lunch!

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The Day I Flew

It happened like this…

We decided to go to Monkey Joe’s today.  Taylor was so excited.  One of her favorite things is to go down this huge slide.  Which if you know Taylor she hates any slide.  She’s scared of everything.  I’m always encouraging her to go down slides, so when she begged me to go down the one at Monkey Joe’s with her today of course I said yes.  I have gone down this slide probably 4 or 5 times in the past so today I felt it wouldn’t be any different.  Boy I was wrong.  Devin was skeptical about going down with Taylor so almighty me told him to watch how it’s done.  I don’t know if it was my pants or someone oiled up the slide before I went down it but I flew.

Of course with every embarrassing moment someone is filming.  Devin has laughed all day about it.  I flew so far that I glided past the stopper bump and didn’t even make it on the “protective” mat.  I almost took down a group of kids.  Devin said we looked like we were shot out of a cannon.  Haha, honey, your turn is coming.

If you see me sitting on a donuts cushion for the next month this is why.  I really think I bruised my butt.  At least it’s a good laugh.  Haha!

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A day in Acworth

Devin has the week off and instead of going to the beach, like we originally planned, we decided to have a “staycation”. So glad we did. We have an adventure planned each day. Today we went to my absolute favorite restaurant, Henry’s Louisiana Grill in Acworth. LoVe! The waitress asked us if we wanted to hear the special of the day. We laughed and told her not to waste her breath. We order the same thing every time. 🙂

Crawfish (even Tay liked it)

Devin got the Ooh La La (Feature in the Atlanta Journal and ABC Nightline). His favorite!

I got the Bayou Cakes with spicy cheese grits. Yum Yum!

I love that I have leftovers for tomorrow night. 🙂

Afterwards we saw a choo-choo train that Taylor loved and talked about it the whole way home.

We found a new fear of hers~ heights. This picture cracks me up! I swear if she could, she would of call DEFAX. What I do for a pic. Haha!

After physiologically damaging my daughter the choo- choo train we went to the Acworth beach. Taylor Tot wasn’t a fan of the sand but loved to people watch. If I ever become bored one day I know where to come. Entertainment for hours.

Tay’s permanent spot on the beach~ on the towel

Tay saying “cheese”

Mommy and Taylor

Daddy and Taylor

I think for Tay’s birthday she’s asking for a cell phone to call DEFAX on us. The second time within an hour that we made Taylor do something she didn’t want to for a picture. She did not like her feet touching the sand.

Taylor Tot wanting the sand off her feet ASAP.

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The Lake House, July 4th, and my birthday

I’ve been MIA the past week and 1/2 due to no internet at the lake house; however, I had a blast. Here is my week picture style:

Tay’s first lollipop

I think she likes it!

Sharing her drink with Elmo

PJ party with Taylor and Alli

Making Monkey Bread

Chef Alli


Monkeys can like Monkey Bread too!

Playing at the beach

Ready for the pool

Riding Big Bertha

Kimby and Jason

Captain Taylor with her Pop

Making silly faces with Kimby

Tay would ONLY put on her life jacket for daddy

I love the beach

Eagles Nest

Me, Dad, Jason, Mom, Alli, Kimby, and Taylor (Devin’s taking the picture)

Taylor playing in the water

Tay at the beach

Happy July 4th!!!

My little firecracker on my birthday

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