It’s getting late… I should be in bed… but I have so much on my mind. 

*Packing for the lake!  Yahoo!  Leaving on Monday and will be gone a little over a week.  On Thursday my cousin Kimby, her daughter Alli, and Kimby’s new husband Jason will be here.  They are driving here from Texas.  We’re going to have a blast!  I so wish Aunt Jo can make it (Aunt Jo~ there’s still time to book a flight heehee).

*Taylor’s swim lessons end tomorrow.  For the last 6 weeks Tay has learned so much~ getting in and out of the pool by herself, floating on her back, and the basic beginning skills of learning to swim.  However, the biggest thing to me is Tay knows how to wait at the edge of the pool until I tell her it’s okay to get in.  BIG one for me.  I’m so proud of her.

*My birthday month is just around the corner.  I don’t like the whole getting a year older part but I LOVE my birthday.  Sorry Devin you share your birthday with Jesus.  I get the whole month of July.  Haha!

*Planning a beach trip in July with the Hubs and Taylor Tot.  I’m SO excited.

*Did I say I love summer!?!

*My bro, Scott, came over a few weeks ago and took pics of Taylor (he calls her Gracie).  He’s so good!  Taylor loves her Uncle Scott.  Here is just a sample of a few of the the great pics he took. 




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