Tales from the Taylor Tot

Dear Taylor,

We’re having so much fun together this summer. I gave you your first pedicure. You picked pink as the color of choice then a few days later we repainted them to purple. You were so good about sitting nice and still while Mommy painted them. 🙂

This week you have done so well with being potty trained. Mommy is SO proud of you. Despite going out to lunch today and ALL restrooms were closed and Mommy having a heart attack you were so good about “holding it” until we got home. You also love to give Meow Meow a treat for going on the kitty potty too. We are going to have one fat cat soon.

Your favorite animals right now are an octopus, a frog, and a penguin. Random.

Your starting to say longer phrases or sentences like: “Where’s Mommy’s car?” (you love trying to find Mommy’s car in a parking lot) or “Put on please” (when wanting me to put a lid on something.)

Your favorite things are going to the pool, the gym, “riding” your bike (even if you can’t reach the pedals yet), coloring, playing with little people, trucks, puzzles, and babies.

You love ice cream!

You now say please and thank you without a reminder.

You LOVE Elmo. But your new favorite character is Abby Cadaby.

Love, Mommy


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