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It’s getting late… I should be in bed… but I have so much on my mind. 

*Packing for the lake!  Yahoo!  Leaving on Monday and will be gone a little over a week.  On Thursday my cousin Kimby, her daughter Alli, and Kimby’s new husband Jason will be here.  They are driving here from Texas.  We’re going to have a blast!  I so wish Aunt Jo can make it (Aunt Jo~ there’s still time to book a flight heehee).

*Taylor’s swim lessons end tomorrow.  For the last 6 weeks Tay has learned so much~ getting in and out of the pool by herself, floating on her back, and the basic beginning skills of learning to swim.  However, the biggest thing to me is Tay knows how to wait at the edge of the pool until I tell her it’s okay to get in.  BIG one for me.  I’m so proud of her.

*My birthday month is just around the corner.  I don’t like the whole getting a year older part but I LOVE my birthday.  Sorry Devin you share your birthday with Jesus.  I get the whole month of July.  Haha!

*Planning a beach trip in July with the Hubs and Taylor Tot.  I’m SO excited.

*Did I say I love summer!?!

*My bro, Scott, came over a few weeks ago and took pics of Taylor (he calls her Gracie).  He’s so good!  Taylor loves her Uncle Scott.  Here is just a sample of a few of the the great pics he took. 




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Best commercial ever

So… the other night Devin and I were watching TV and the commercials came on.  We weren’t paying too much attention to them; however, when this commercial came on I literally choked on my Diet Dr. Pepper.  Too funny!  It reminds me of Taylor and Devin. 


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Feeling Crafty~ Rugs

I love rugs but they are so expensive (or the ones I like).  I came across this blog the other day and fell in love.  I’m so making this rug.  The funny thing is on this site the lady says she found this ugly rug at Hobby Lobby on clearance.  They always have rugs on clearance but I never see one I like.  Now with this idea it doesn’t matter.

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Weekend Bliss

Saturday Devin and I went to one of our favorite places… P.F. Chang’s.  Reminds me of our “dating days”.  We use to go there all the time.  Mmmmm!  How I have missed!

Since I made Devin’s favorite, French Toast, on Saturday morning, for Father’s Day Taylor and I went out to get donuts for Daddy.

I swear Tay downed her “pinkle” donut in seconds.  She ate the whole thing!

After church we went to see my dad for Father’s Day.  I hated to have him cook on his day but he grilled some mean steaks.  Yummo!

Me and Dad in 1986 (I think)

This whole weekend was about food.  Yes, “diet” will start back up tomorrow.  hahaha!

Happy Father’s Day!  I’m so bless to have a wonderful father who has always believed in me.  I’m equally blessed to have Devin in my life~who is an awesome daddy to Taylor.  I love seeing the twinkle in both of their eye’s when they are together.  That father-daughter bond is one of a kind.

Here’s to all the dad’s out there.  Love this video.  🙂  It reminds me of Devin.  Haha!

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Tales from the Taylor Tot

Dear Taylor,

We’re having so much fun together this summer. I gave you your first pedicure. You picked pink as the color of choice then a few days later we repainted them to purple. You were so good about sitting nice and still while Mommy painted them. 🙂

This week you have done so well with being potty trained. Mommy is SO proud of you. Despite going out to lunch today and ALL restrooms were closed and Mommy having a heart attack you were so good about “holding it” until we got home. You also love to give Meow Meow a treat for going on the kitty potty too. We are going to have one fat cat soon.

Your favorite animals right now are an octopus, a frog, and a penguin. Random.

Your starting to say longer phrases or sentences like: “Where’s Mommy’s car?” (you love trying to find Mommy’s car in a parking lot) or “Put on please” (when wanting me to put a lid on something.)

Your favorite things are going to the pool, the gym, “riding” your bike (even if you can’t reach the pedals yet), coloring, playing with little people, trucks, puzzles, and babies.

You love ice cream!

You now say please and thank you without a reminder.

You LOVE Elmo. But your new favorite character is Abby Cadaby.

Love, Mommy

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Taylor Tot’s a big girl now

I decided to write down my “potty story” so I can share with Taylor one day or know what to do/ not to do for the next.

I’ve been dreading the day I would have to potty train Taylor before she was even born. I’ve heard horror stories about being trapped at home for weeks still teaching, or never being able to stay long in public. I’m always on the go so again I’ve been dreading this day. Several months ago Taylor started hating diapers. She hated the process of changing, but on the other hand, when she was “dirty” she would go get a diaper, lay down, and cry out for me to change her. First sign I knew she might be ready. However, she seems so young to me. A friend of mine told me to buy a potty chair and just have it by the toilet. She told me it might stay there for months, but eventually Tay will become curious about it. Sure enough, in April, Devin and I took Tay to the store and picked out a potty. Taylor was SO excited. We came home and without me making a big deal about it Tay started using the potty every once in a while. Since Taylor’s one-year-old class didn’t have a potty in her room I didn’t push it. Next sign I knew Taylor was ready, she began taking her dolls to go pee pee on the potty. She received a doll that would pee after having a bottle and Tay was so excited to put that one on the potty too.

I think I’ve asked everyone I know about their potty experience. It’s funny how everyone’s story is so different. I guess it totally depends on your child. I took everyone’s advice and made it my own. Yes Taylor is only 22 months old but I knew she was ready. She was probably ready even sooner but this timing seemed right for us. Sunday night I cried just thinking Tay wasn’t a little baby anymore. I wasn’t as ready but I knew she was so ready.

The day I was dreading was here. Monday morning Taylor woke up and I informed her we were throwing away all diapers and she was a big girl now. She loved going around the house throwing away all the diapers. Then I told her I had a special gift for her, pretty panties. I had her pick out the pair she wanted to wear. At first I thought this part backfired on me (later I’m so glad I did it this way). For the first hour she spent trying on all 16 pair over and over and over again and looking at herself in the long mirror and giggling at herself. I was afraid if I told her she couldn’t put a new one on until she “went” she would “go” in her panties to get a new pair, so I just went with it. I filled her up with juice and put her on the potty. She went right away. We cheered, did the potty dance, the whole-nine-yards. She got her M&M and we repeated. However, I found out she was more interested in picking out her new panties than the M&M. Granted she loved her M&M’s but a lot of times she would forget because she was so excited to pick out her new pair of panties. Go figure. First day people told me to make sure to have at least 15-20 pairs of underwear. Taylor went through 6. Which was pretty good considering she peed well over 20 or 30 times ALL day long. This girl can drink/ pee. My first day’s goal was to have her use the potty and be comfortable. Only 6 accidents. Check! My second day’s goal was to get her to tell me when she wanted to go. Instead of putting her on the potty every 15-20 minutes I had her tell me. Only 2 accidents. Check! The third day my goal was to take her in public and go potty in a unfamilier setting. We went to a friend’s house that is potty training at the same time. She only lives 8 minutes away. 1 accident. Check! Today is the fourth day. My last goal was to have her go out in public for long periods and use the public restroom (so gross, but we have to learn). We went to our Mommy and Me Class (only 30 minutes). Tay went to the potty there before and after the class. Then we stopped by Chick-fil-a (I picked it because the restrooms seem the cleanest haha!) and she went there like a pro (brought her potty seat for germ factor). Note to self: don’t pick an automatic flushing toilet as a first public restroom experience. I’ve never seen Tay jump so high while half way doing her business. Then we took Devin lunch at his work. Now Tay is down for a nap. No accidents today. Check!

It was so much easier than I thought but it’s only the 4th day. Several people have told me a few weeks in their child got “bored” and wanted to go back to diapers. We’ll see. I’m so proud of Taylor.

I friend told me about this portable potty seat that will fit in a purse. I’m going to Walmart some time this week to get one.

This is the picture we’re showing to Tay’s first boyfriend.  Taylor’s like: “You’re embarrassing me Mommy!”

Since we spent a lot of time at home we started making up games.  This is Tay playing peek-a-boo with a picture frame.  🙂

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Taylor’s first trip to the movies

I took Taylor Tot to her first movie today.  I found out that several local theaters did $1 movies (2 and under free).  I figured if we lasted 15 minutes it was worth a buck.  She lasted the WHOLE time and loved it.  She wasn’t too crazy about the chair that might swallow her up, hahaha, so Mommy had some cuddle time which was totally fine with me.

First movie was Shrek.  I should have done some research about all the scary parts, but she enjoyed it anyways. 


Me and Taylor Tot~ waiting for the movie to start


Our friends~ Ms. Maria and Will (Baby Walt is asleep in car-carrier)


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