Mother’s Day 2011

Being a mommy is the best job in the world.  There was a time I didn’t think I was ever going to be a mommy, but now I know the wait was God’s plan.  I am blessed with a beautiful, healthy little girl and in a few years hopefully a bother or sister for her. 

It’s been the best weekend!  I love the hubs so much.  I knows after being married to me for 5 years he knew to ask what my picture of the perfect Mother’s Day would be.  I told him a quiet, peaceful day with family~ no restaurant craziness.  So, on Saturday Devin and Tay planned a picnic.  They went and got subs and we went to the park.  Tay gave me my Mother’s Day gift~ A Kindle!  While Devin and Taylor played I laid on the quilt reading a book.  It was so peaceful and perfect!  Afterwards we went out for yogurt~ yummo!  When we came home Devin did yard work (if you know how Devin feels about yardwork~ this was a great gift) while a propped my feet up.


A perfect picnic with my Taylor Tot

We thought Tay was reading her books while Devin and I were finishing up lunch.  Apparently Taylor got in my bag and grabbed my credit card and phone.  Hmmmm!  I wonder what she was ordering?!?

Silly Taylor

Taylor Bird and Mommy Bird made yummy bird nest for the grandmothers on Mother’s Day.  Tay loved putting the eggs (jellybeans) in the nest. 

Mommy: “Taylor, Mommy wants to take a picture of the cute bag you made me.  Hold it and say cheese.”

Taylor: “Cheeeeese”

Mommy Rules~ A cute bag Taylor made me and put one of my gifts inside

A cookbook that Taylor’s school put together of some awesome recipes

A flower arrangement Taylor made me.  The vase was made from Taylor’s old shoe.

A wind chime Tay made for me at Sunday School.

Happy Mother’s Day to my fabulous Mom too!  Our Mom’s Day gift to one another is to spend a girly day in June just the two of us.




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