Some Bunny’s Having An Easter Egg Hunt

We took Taylor to an Easter Hunt at my old Elementary School today.  It was kind of exciting to see Tay hunt on the field where I use to go out for recess and hunted for eggs many years ago.  She had a blast.  Of corse she picked the only muddy place on the whole field to get her eggs~ I guess it’s the tomboy in her.  Haha!

Before the hunt

“I have my basket and ready to get some eggs!”


Kisses for “Big Hop Hop” before we go


Pretty Tay

They passed out bubbles while we waited for the hunt to start

Tay loves to blow bubbles


The prissy way to pick up an Easter Egg

Getting the hang of it

“WOW!  There are more!”

By the end she wanted to carry her basket all by herself


Upset because Mommy is too close to her basket

“It’s too heavy that my arm is hurting, but nobody can get close to my basket!”

Had to get a pick with Taylor at my old Elementary School.  I loved being a Davis Tiger!


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