Weekend Recap

This was a super extra long and fun weekend for me.  I left Thursday for a Scrapbooking Retreat with some amazing people.  So fun!  We laughed until we cried, ate some of the most amazing food, oh, and scrapbooked a little.  🙂  Fun times! 

I did miss my Taylor Tot and hubby.  I was able to get home in time for church~ which happened to be Palm Sunday.  All the children walked in waving their palm branches and stood in front of the congregation to sing a song.  Taylor Tot got a little too into the waving of the palm branch and my face became the victim.  Since I’m a Mommy of a toddler I had to stand with Tay in front of the church and help out with the song.  Tay showed no interest in the song but proceed to get on all fours and kiss my feet throughout.  Weird kid.

Later today we went to Wal-Mart to look for water toys to go in Tay’s new water table I got for $2 at a yard sale~ score!  In the water toy/ inflatable pool section THIS was on the box of not one but TWO different inflatable pools.  See anything wrong with the pictures?!?  Devin says no.  Never thought I would have to have Tay cover her eyes while going in the toy section.  The 2nd pic is the best. Really?!?!

After the Playboy Shop Walmart, we went out for some yummy Mexican food.  Waiting for the check Tay put on Mommy’s sunglasses and kept saying “cool”.  🙂


SO sad the weekend is over.  However, 30 days and counting until summer break!  Yahooooooo!



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2 responses to “Weekend Recap

  1. Manda Panda

    Actually, I’m a bit jealous. Why can’t I look like that after having kids?! ::pout::

  2. Hilarious! I laughed out loud. That swimsuit is out of control…not to mention the look on the “Dad’s” face….what is that?

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