I heart Spring Break

I love Spring Break.  Any break for that matter, but Spring Break is so special.  It’s a sign summer break is on its way.  I enjoyed sleeping-in (if you call 8:00 sleeping-in), getting hair and nails done~fabulous, crafting (pics in a later post), shopping with friends, and staying up late with the hubs catching up on shows and playing cards.  The best part was spending the time with my Taylor.  It’s been so fun watching her grow this week.  Her new thing is saying silly before any word… example Silly Mommy.  So cute.  We just laugh and laugh at one another.  Blessed times.

Taylor already has her first set of wheels… a convertible!  She thinks she’s hot stuff when “driving” around.  She has been practicing her Miss America wave.


Also during the break we went to the lake house. 

Splashing in the water

Tay looking for treasure

Mommy and Tay on the boat

Captain Taylor Tot

Tay telling Daddy how she’s going to change the world one day

Yesterday Devin and I celebrated our 5th anniversary!  Wow… married for 5 years and before that we dated for 8 years, I can’t imagine my life without him.  While Gammie and Pop watched Taylor Tot Devin and I spent the day shopping (Devin spoiling me :)), going to the movies, out to lunch, and taking a stroll by the lake. 

The day I married my best friend, April 8, 2006




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