Taylor at 20 months

Dear Taylor Tot,

I know after a year parents stop counting months, but I can’t help it. You change more and more every month. I want to freeze you or put a brick on your head where you won’t grow anymore, but I’m just so excited about your next stage too. Here are a few of the highlights from last month:

*Favorite Words: after tucking you in for a nap after church last Sunday your daddy and I told you that we love you like we always do. You repeated back “I love you”. Your daddy thinks you were saying it to him, but we know you really were saying it to me. 😉 You love to say your colors~ black, blue, green and brown. You can count to 3 but you repeat 2 over and over until you feel like saying 3. Your new trick is when I ask you what number comes after 4 you say 5/ and 2 comes after 1. You like telling the kitty kitty what to do. When Misty is on the furniture you yell at her “down kitty, down kitty.” I think one day you’re going to be a very bossy older sis.

*Favorite Foods: this month you have really refuse to eat. You much rather play then enjoy any kind of food. For breakfast the other day you wanted a whole apple. You go girl! It took you over an hour to eat it but you ate every last bite.

*Things you love: blowing bubbles, hopping, puzzles, coloring, swinging

Blowing Bubbles

Eating an Apple

Learning to count~ this is when you first started doing your trick. You can say five so much clearer now. I need to take another video.

You at Monkey Joes




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  1. Sherri

    She is so wonderful and smart. The video you have of her working the puzzle just amazed me. She is beautiful and precious. So glad you’re doing the blog to have all these wonderful memories.


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