Paper flower wreath

Here is one my most resent crafts.  I came across this craft at one of my favorite websites, Under the Table Dreaming.  I fell in love with this wreath.

Here is what you need: an old book (I got mine at a thrift store for $1.90), scissors, lots of hot glue, ribbon (%50 off at Hobby Lobby), and a foam wreath (I got mine at the Dollar Tree).

Here is the link to the detailed directions on how to make this really cute wreath. 

Total cost= $4

Making the flowers

Tearing the pages out of the book to make the flowers

Close up~ Sorry for the poor picture quality.  All pics were taken by my phone.

Almost done

Here is the wreath before I put the ribbon on and hung it up.




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2 responses to “Paper flower wreath

  1. Very nice! I just may try this 🙂

  2. My girlfriend is doing this right now. She is using your blog as a reference. And its looking very good!! So, thankyou!!

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