Easter Ideas and Inspiration

Thank goodness Easter is late this year.  I’m just now decorating.  I’ve procrastinated on buying Taylor’s Easter Basket.  I wanted the Pottery Barn one; however, the other night when I went to order it they were sold out.  Totally bummed until I came across this one on etsy.com


Here are some super cute Easter ideas I’m thinking about doing:

Table cuteness with dyed Easter Eggs~ link here 

 Easter Cookies~ I love how the cookies are displayed in Easter grass~ link here

Easter Egg Seeds~ link here

Easter Centerpiece~ link here

Bunny Bookmarks~ link here

Egg Topiary ~ link here

 Another Centerpiece~a little too much for me but I like the peep/ jellybean idea~  link here

Displaying the holiday menu or just using it as a frame~ link here





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2 responses to “Easter Ideas and Inspiration

  1. Haley

    Cute ideas!!! I really like the Peeps inside the vase!

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