Rub-a-Dub-Dub~ Tay is back in the tub

Three weeks ago Taylor Tot had this deathly fear of the bathtub.  The fear progressively got worse.  It started off when Devin was out-of-town and she went ballistic when her toys got wet.  The other night after dinner Devin and I were strategizing our bath time routine and one of us said the word “bath” and Taylor started crying so hard she threw-up.  For two looooong weeks Taylor Tot shook like a leaf and won’t step foot in the bathroom much less the tub.  I started by placing her favorite toys in her bathroom.  We played for a little while and I kept moving them closer to the tub.  About halfway she looked at me with this I’m no dummy look and said “no bath” and that was the end of that.  I felt like I tried everything: getting in the tub with her, buying new toys, letting her have her paci, filling the tub first/ last,….  It made me crazy.  I googled searched this issue and the first article to pop up was from Dr. Sears.  He said toddler fears of bath time is very common.  He said as fast as the fear comes it will leave.  Sure enough the other day out of the blue Tay ran into the bathroom and started putting her toys in the tub saying “bath?”  Of course I wasn’t going to say no, so I filled the tub and placed her in.  Not only did she play but SHE DUNKED HER HEAD IN THE WATER!  Who is this child?!?  She never does that.  Now, after a week of her splashing, laughing, head dunking, and playing we can now say she’s back to being a bath baby!  Yay!


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