St. Patty’s Day and Hubs in the Doghouse

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I’ve spent the afternoon chasing around a little leprechaun.  I swear she snuck one of Devin’s Mnt. Dew’s because she’s been into anything and everything and laughing nonstop!


Okay… on to other things.  The hubs is officially in the doghouse.  This evening we went to the local park in Downtown Canton.  As we were pushing Taylor Tot in the swing we ran into a couple that we happen to see there all the time and started small talk.  The couple said they couldn’t believe the park was open.  I couldn’t understand why the park would be closed on such a beautiful day and asked the question anyone would ask… why?  In a you-don’t-know? kind of tone they proceeded to tell me that Jennifer Garner was filming just yards away.  WhAt!  And then my so thoughtful, loving husband said, “oh yeah honey.  Anthony told me she would be filming here this week.”  I gave him “the look” that only comes out twice a year.  Seriously, SERIOUSLY?  I LOVE Jennifer Garner.  He knows I love Jennifer Garner.  I’ve just been following her since like the Alias days and Thirteen Going on Thirty.  We had to drive by and she was out filming on the stairs of the Performance Art Building with a huge camera crew.  I think I’m going to stalk her tomorrow.  🙂


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