Making it up to the hubs

I did a horrible thing. On Valentine’s Day I was so overwhelmed with Devin spoiling me that I forgot to give him his valentine. I know… terrible right?!? He never said anything. Several (yes I said several) days later I was digging in my Mary Poppins purse and found his card and valentine. I was hiding it in my purse because Reese’s peanut butter cups are Devin’s absolute favorite and he would so find it if I hid it somewhere else. I was so excited about giving it to him that I can’t believe I forgot. They were heart-shaped Reese Cups. Anyways, when he got home from work I apologized and gave it to him. He had to open one up right away. Since it was in my purse so long it melted. The look on his face when he opened up his MELTED heart-shaped Reese was priceless. I said the only thing that came to mind… “I just want you to know you melt my heart.” It’s been a big joke ever since.

So, this week he’s out of town for work and to make it up to him I sewed buttons on 7 pairs of pants for him~ almost 5 years of marriage worth. And, I bought him Reese’s Eggs and he’s other favorite, Cadbury Eggs. 🙂


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