Taylor Tot’s favorite things

Tay’s new favorite thing is to hide in her closet. I knew something was up when I was starting her bath and Tay ran in her room, closed the door, and was super quite. When I went in she was nowhere to be found. I then heard giggling from inside her closet and found her sucking on her paci that she is only allowed to have at bed time/ car. Since she’s been sick Gran, Gammie, and Daddy some people have been giving Tay her paci so I’ve been the paci burglar.

Another fav of Tay’s is to play in Mommy’s laundry basket. She calls it her boat. Note to self~ Don’t place folded laundry back in “the boat” unless I have nothing better to do and want to refold laundry all day.

I new thing I just discovered is Tay’s love of cooking. Her new thing right now is to take cupcake wrappers and pull them apart and then stack them. She does this over and over again. Entertainment for a while~ rock on! Oh, and Tay’s missing her shirt because make-up was ALL over it right before this pic was taken. Even baby proofing my make-up drawer she still gets in!



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