V-Day 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

I had a wonderful Valentines spent with my two favorite people.  Devin came home from work and brought me a dozen beautiful roses, a sweet card, and two charms for my waxing poet necklace.  🙂  He surprised Taylor Tot with a sweet card and a heart-shaped container with her favorite… M&M’s.  He took us out to Chinese (our date night is planned for Saturday).  Here’s what Mommy and Daddy gave Tay:  The pop-up book “Cats” and a doggie snowglobe.  She LOVED it!  We’ve already read the book a half-dozen times.

For dessert Tay ate on her special plate and had blueberries and M&M’s.

Tay made this for Mommy and Daddy with her babysitter.  Love!



I know this is random but had to share.  Saw this on the cover of the catalog Uncommon Goods.  Thought this was funny.

It’s called a Phonekerchief.  You wrap it around your phone while you’re out with your love one to let them know you’ll turn your phone off for them.  I rather Devin save his $15 and turn his phone off, but it’s still funny!

On another funny note… I never like to share about school stuff but I have to share about this because it’s too funny.  One of my students came to me this morning with a box of chocolates.  When the student handed it to me I noticed it was lighter than it should have been and it didn’t have wrapping.  I opened it and found this (one piece of chocolate, a button, silly bands, Kroger mints, and a plastic beaded necklace.  Jokingly I asked this student where the rest of the chocolates were.  This student told me his/her mom bought it at the store and didn’t realize all but one of the chocolates were missing.  Kind of funny how this student had a stomach ache for the rest of the morning.  LOL!



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2 responses to “V-Day 2011

  1. Aunt Jo

    Ashley…I can’t tell you how much these “Where the Heart Is” e-mails mean to me. I get to “share” in the memories you are making with Taylor & actually feel a part of your life from afar! Thanks…keep up the good work. Love ya….+Blessings, Aunt Jo..xxoox

  2. Joanna Jenkins

    so sweet…..

    lol, you will remember this student for the rest of your days……

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