18 Months

Dear Taylor Tot,

You’re a year and a half old tomorrow and becoming such a big girl.  Mommy is so proud of you.  Here are a few of the highlights from last month:

*Favorite Words: Ball (in your super cute southern accent~ stickn’ cute), Baby, Shoe, Oh no (I think you’ve heard mommy say it one too many times),  cookie, Daddy (you’re such a daddy’s girl), mine, milk, Tay Tay, Bozo, bear, and thank you.

*Favorite Foods: you’re not a big eater right now, but mommy isn’t going to push you; however, you’ll do back flips right now for yogurt (frozen or regular), Juice Plus, Blueberries, Lucy Charms (thanks to daddy~ you pick out much of the marshmallows).

*Sleeping: Still a good sleeper, but you’re waking up earlier and earlier.  I think you are waking up to the sunrise and think it’s time for the world to get up.  Right now you’re waking up around 7:45.  A little too early for Mommy.  We might need to tell Mr. Sun to come up an hour later.  🙂

*Things you love: Mommy’s make-up drawer!!!!!~It’s driving me CrAzY dragging my make-up around the house where I can’t find it~ so that is why I might look a little different this month~ mommy might not have mascara on because I keep “losing” it :),  singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes/ “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, feeding all your animals things you have cooked from your kitchen, counting each step when you go up the stairs and cheering when you reach the top, kissing Jesus in your Baby Bible before going to bed, and waiting at the window for daddy to get home from work so he’ll watch “Melmo” aka Elmo with you while Mommy cooks dinner (yes Mommy can have dinner cooked and on the table in the 17 minutes of Elmo’s World).




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