A Fabulous Weekend in Pictures

So blessed by this weekend~ Sunny and Warm!

Friday night Devin had to work late so I met a dear friend I haven’t seen in forever a long time.  She has identical twin boys that are just a couple of days apart from Taylor.  Tay refers to them as the babies.  If she only knew.  🙂  We went shopping at our favorite store, Target.  The whole time the babies giggled at one another while us mommies shopped.  It was the easiest shopping trip ever.  Then we headed over to Chick-fil-a and that was a different story.  Trying to order food for an army, keep babies happy, and eat too was quite entertaining to people around us.  Especially when Keara dropped her tray and I spilled yogurt all over the floor.  I’m sure I heard cheers when we left.  I tried to get a good pic of the kiddos in the play area, but they didn’t stay still for even a 10th of a second.

On Saturday, we went to visit Mom and Tay brought her Gammie flowers.  She had foot surgery Friday and is doing great.  🙂

Saturday afternoon we went to the park.  Actually we went to two parks, but the first park didn’t have any parking and drove to our 2nd favorite park.  Lovn’ the weather!!!!

Saturday evening Devin wanted pizza.  Yay to not cooking!  Tay is playing this game that she refuses to eat unless it’s yogurt.  So here is a pic where Tay did not eat anything.  She fed her pizza and pasta to her monkey, Bozo.  How can she not like pizza?!?  And, yes a drink is in each hand.

Sunday, after some  wonderful praise and worship at Liberty Hill Church, we went to another park to see Devin’s parents for a picnic.  Taylor Tot had a blast!

What a wonderful weekend!  So blessed!



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2 responses to “A Fabulous Weekend in Pictures

  1. Aunt Jo

    That definitely was a picture-perfect weekend. Wish I could have joined you. Our weather was great also, but I think by tomorrow (Tuesday), they are predicting “winter-mix” =UGH!! I really wanted to be there for your Mom as she recovers. Thanks for sharing all of your memory-making moments with us. Sending love….xxoox

  2. Gran

    I had as much fun as Taylor at the park, but I’m sure I’m a little stiffer than she is. I am just so thankful I could fit through the tubes. Glad I didn’t get stuck and you had to call the fire dept!!!
    Seeing the look on her face when she saw me just made my day. I love you all. Gran

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