Crockpot Recipes

I’ve been looking around for some yummy, healthy crockpot recipes. I’m tired of the only four recipes I know how to do in the crockpot. After surfing around I came to this website… Hillbilly Housewife. Not too crazy about the name; however, after snooping around I found some great recipes that I can’t wait to try. What I love is Susanne, the creator of the Hillbilly Housewife, finds recipes that are low-cost and healthy! Love! Here is the link to the crockpot recipes.



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2 responses to “Crockpot Recipes

  1. Aunt Jo

    Ashley…looks like a great site. Thanks. I’m always looking for great recipes. Every Sunday after Church, I come home & start cooking for the week. I always try at least 1 or 2 new recipes every Sunday. Lots of fun to do & put your own twist to a dish. Thanks again…happy cookin’ !!..xoox

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