This Momma needs a Valium with a shot of Tequila

Yikers! So… earlier post Taylor Tot hasn’t been feeling too well but was back to old self by yesterday evening… or so we thought. In the middle of the night Tay’s fever reached an all time high. We couldn’t take her to urgent care (iced in) so we had to wait for a morning appointment. I really thought it was an ear infection so little did I know after a check-up (Tay doesn’t like people with white coats), strep test (this Momma had to hold her down AND hold her head back), flu test (swabs up the nose), x-rays (telling a one year old to sit still with arms in the air is not on my list of fun), blood test (in the arm), and two shots later they finally figured out its pneumonia. 😦

Way to doc.

Regrouping at Chick-fil-a with Pop before drive home from doc.


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