Sick Baby

Taylor Tot woke-up this morning with her first fever.  Devin and I have been very blessed we haven’t had to experience Tay with a fever yet, but at 5:00 this am we looked like lunatics running around in circles asking each other “what do we do?”.  The worse part is we were iced in so it made panic that much worse.  We ended up calling after hours care and I talked to a sweet nurse that insured me the world wasn’t coming to an end and kids can get fevers and still end up living long healthy lives.  Thank you sweet nurse lady.  I guess I was pretty hyped up because she asked me if Taylor was my first.  🙂

After a day of snuggling on the couch, eating a bland diet, and catching up from some loss sleep from the night before, Taylor Tot finally came around~ Thank you Jesus!

Here are some pics I took this evening:

Enjoying a strawberry popsicle.

Starting to feel much better!

Playing house

Saying prayers with Daddy before going Nite Nite.


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  1. Gran

    You two are too sweet. Glad you love each other and your baby so much. Glad you are mine! I remember when everything was a crisis with Danielle, by the time Devin came I was a pro!!

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