17 Months

Dear Taylor Tot,

You’re growing too fast! I tried keeping up with you on paper so I won’t forget your milestones, but you lost me on month 6 (around the time you become mobile 🙂 ). Each month you become even cuter and your personality shines even more. Here are a few of the highlights from last month:

*Favorite Words: Please, thank you, Melmo (aka Elmo), tree, Santa, Ho Ho Ho, this, bye bye, bowl, cat, bow (makes Mommy happy), The Bible (makes Mommy happier), Jesus, meow (so super cute), woof, eyes, mouth, and book.

*Favorite Foods: broccoli (only if we tell you they are trees), yogurt, apple (eating it peeled and whole like a big girl), chocolate goldfish, green peas, and chicken nuggets.

*Sleeping: God knew what he was doing when he gave me you. You still take two naps unless you sleep-in until 9:00. Can’t you keep this sleeping pattern forever?

*Things you love: “helping” Mommy unload this dishwasher, riding your horse, spinning in circles, reading books, having everyone else read you books over and over again, your pet monkey Bozo, and watching Elmo’s World.


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