Hop Hop has been dissed!

Since Taylor Tot’s first birthday she’s been attached to Hop Hop.  This super cute, super soft bunny with her name monogrammed on one of the floppy ears.  I’ve totally encouraged this because it’s adorable seeing Taylor Tot love on Hop Hop, it’s super easy to wash, and I can get more of them (we have two). 

So anyways… while I was putting holiday decorations in the attic I came across a box my parents gave me not long ago full of toys from my childhood.  In the box there were several puppets from one Christmas when Dad made my brother and I a puppet stand.  A big Christmas memory highlight.  🙂  Anyways I decided to pull out two of the puppets for Taylor to play with.  BIG mistake!  One was a doggie~ Taylor loves to say woof woof and put it in her cradle and the other puppet was a BIG monkey.  At first it was cute seeing Taylor hug the monkey and giggle; however, before long this BIG monkey made its way on a trip to Target, ate at Steak N’ Shake, and hasn’t been out of Taylor’s sight.  It’s like she knows if we go near it.  We tried last night to leave it out of her room when she went to bed, but she wasn’t having it.  Now she’s sleeping on top of it so we can’t get it.

The BIG monkey

Having breakfast with BIG monkey (of course bananas)

Taylor Tot telling everyone “no no” as we get close to BIG monkey

How can my sweet girly daughter who should be loving on baby dolls and bunnies love a BIG monkey!?!?!  Oh and the best part is Taylor Tot stayed with Mom on New Year’s Eve and “they” decided to name the BIG monkey Bozo!  Thanks Mom!  Y’all couldn’t think of a better name?!?!



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2 responses to “Hop Hop has been dissed!

  1. Devin

    So true baby girl! I love the site BTW.

  2. Gran

    Hmmm, she likes big monkeys. Is she taking after her Mom? LOL

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