New Year Resolutions

Always on the top of my list… lose 20 lb. weight. Was doing really good before Thanksgiving, but since Turkey Day it’s been bad! Next up on my list is to make sure to tell Taylor and Devin I love them everyday. Sounds easy I know, but there has been days where I go to work, rush home, make dinner, clean up dinner, bathe Tay, and put her to sleep and wonder as I crash at the end of the night if I told her I love her. And Devin probably gets the lesser of my I love yous. *Sorry Honey!* Last on my resolution list is to not waste money on the things I can’t remember food so I can go shopping and buy the things I love and can remember :). I’ve been pretty good about the whole coupon thing since last spring. The best grocery day I spent $37 and saved $89. I’ll probably never be that good again but I’ll try. My goal is to spend around $40 a week on a weeks worth of meals. We’ll see…

This week wasn’t the best sales at Publix, but I spent $46, saved $38, and I have 5 healthy meals, breakfast, lunch stuff, milk (my biggest expense), and healthy snacks. So I think I’m doing pretty good so far. 🙂


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