Cherishing Memories

The year is coming to an end while a new year is knocking at my door.  Every year I say this but it’s been the best year yet.  The other night after Taylor Tot was tucked in bed and the Christmas gifts were wrapped, Devin and I snuggled on the couch and reminisced over the past year.  It was sad to me that things I thought I would never forget soon became a distant memory that Devin helped me retrieve.  And the same with him.  I’ve started several diaries with good intentions, but after a few weeks it becomes every other day entries, to once a month entries, to putting it away for good.  Even though probably no one will read this I’m hoping it will hold me accountable so next Christmas I can look back and reminisce over every detail.  Let’s see!  🙂


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  1. Gran

    I love you are blogging. I will read it all the time. Just be sure to print out hard copies too so she will have them. Just have to nag a little. You are such a good Mom and wife. I love you.

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