A Christmas Recap

Christmas Eve

Mommy and Taylor

Daddy and Taylor

Wow!  This was my 13th year of spending Christmas Eve in Chattanooga with Devin’s family.  We always have a blast.  Every year we play “Dirty Santa” aka “White Elephant”.  It’s always a lot of fun.  During this time Taylor spent riding her new pony~through the WHOLE game I might add.

Taylor Tot riding her pony

And still riding… (and yes, this picture was taken 15 minutes after the one above)

Taylor Tot with her new shopping cart… took to it like a pro!

Showing her Gran Santa.  Taylor loves saying “ho ho ho” in a really cute and sweet voice.  Love!

We left out cookies and milk for Santa.  Taylor doesn’t have this concept down yet.  She was so not thrilled when we told her she couldn’t have all of them and that they were for Santa.

Christmas Morning

We spent Christmas morning at home.  Just the three of us.  It’s sad not waking up at my parents house but it was oh so nice to have a relaxing morning before the Christmas craziness.

All the loot Santa brought for Taylor.  Santa knew she was extra good this year. *big gifts~ tent and table and chairs

Getting out of bed on Christmas morning.  Was weirded out that Mommy AND Daddy were both in her room with every light on and taking pictures.

Had to have the classic wait-at-the-top-of-the-stairs-so-Mommy-can-take-a-picture moment.  Taylor Tot wasn’t too happy about this. 

The first time seeing the loot Santa left her!  One of my favorite pics.

“Are these all mine?”



Christmas Day

We went over to my parents house around noon to have some yummy Christmas BBQ.  A tradition we started many years ago from my mom missing us enjoy our gifts while she slaved in the kitchen.  Dad picks up BBQ the day before from a super yummy local BBQ place so on Christmas no one is slaving in the kitchen.  Defiantly a tradition I’m keeping alive.  🙂

Usually after celebrating at Mom and Dad’s we head over to Devin’s grandparents in Kennesaw.  Not this year.  It started snowing first thing in the morning and by 4:00 we left my parents house to come home.  This is a picture of Devin throwing a pretend snowball at me.  We got a few more inches of snow after this picture was taken.  The last time it snowed in Georgia on Christmas Day was in the 1700’s.  Wow!


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